Learning guitar has never
been easier…

Tried guitar before but quit? Absolute beginner?

Or maybe you struggle with chords?

Check out my unique, ground-breaking beginner guitar method that makes learning guitar a breeze.



Nice things people say…

  • If you want to get fast results with an encouraging teacher, who will support you on your music journey every step of the way, then believe me – you’ve hit the jackpot in finding Mick.


    Lisa Grandi – Author, Australia
  • This program rekindled my enthusiasm after hitting that “no progress” point. I’ve improved more in the last 3 weeks using your system than the previous 9 months when I first started. Thanks Mick!


    Mike Avenell – Easiest Guitar Student, UK
  • Mick Young is providing a much-needed service, helping the next generation learn guitar in a surprisingly easy way.


    Derek Sivers – Musician, Writer & Founder of CD Baby
  • I was blown away by Mick’s ideas and his style of teaching. I learned so much about how I can improve as a music teacher. I had fun, got inspired and feel very grateful that I got to experience the amazing musician and person that he is.


    Michaela Wild – Business & Personal Development Coach, MichaelaWild.com
  • Mick’s teaching style is so nice and thorough. It really takes the frustration out of it when he explains each tiny step. The videos and songs are so good!

    Kate McMahon – Music Therapist & Musician, Australia
  • I’m more than impressed with everything you’ve set out in the course Mick. You’re actually learning to play the whole guitar…not just one end. Your love for music comes through too. You’ve got a bit more heart and soul than most guitar teachers!


    Ian Riley – Easiest Guitar Student, Australia

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